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“The best way to keep something bad from happening is to see it ahead of time... and you can't see it if you refuse to face the possibility.” ― William S. Burroughs

About us

SpainRisk is a business dedicated to search, request and analyze the commercial public documentation that can help companies and particulars to learn information and make the right decisions. We have more than twenty years providing decision support and risk management services.

We obtain the information from the Spanish public records. Therefore, the information provided is truthful information and allows to verify -with a formal document-:

We deliver the documentation itself or, if it is of interest, an extract in English of its content or a complete report (with a Basic structure of business interests).

It is necessary to specify SpainRisk is not a web of the public administration, it is a business that charges professional fees for the processing and obtaining of public documentation and the elaboration of extracts and reports of its content. You can directly access public records at the following Links.

University Expert in Security Policies (UNED 2015).
Degree in Philology (Central University of Barcelona 1992)

Corporate information

Summary of the inscriptions published by the Mercantile Registry (CIF, year of foundation, board current and former, address, capital, activity, know if it has annual accounts presented).

Businesses current and historic linked

List of businesses current and historic linked in Spain with a board or an individual and dates of board changing.

Commercial Registry Certificate

Literal copy of all the inscriptions. Founders are registered and all changes of partners, administrators, activity, address, account registration.

Annual Accounts

The annual accounts are reports used by the institutions to publicize the economic and financial situation and the changes experienced by it at a specific date or period. They are prepared every twelve months and must be signed by an administrator who answers about the veracity of the data they contain.


Please do not hesitate to contact us by our general email if you have any question about our services. You will receive a personalised response to your query and an estimate without any commitment.

For more concrete information, to request price quotes or to make an order you can to take contact with each specific department:


University Expert in Security Policies (UNED 2015)
Degree in Philology (Central University of Barcelona 1992)

Sant Ramon, 15

Judicial Incidents published in Official Gazettes

Defaults with the Administrations of the Tax Agency, Social Security, Courts and Tribunals of the different judicial orders that affect the current qualification of the consulted company.

Current Assets

We determine through the Central Land Registry the availability of properties registered in Spain. In the affirmative case, we can obtain a simple note of all the inscribed properties (description of the property, owners and existence of mortgages or liens.)

Former Assets

We determine through the Central Land Registry if a company or an individual had properties registered in Spain. In the affirmative case, we can obtain a certificate of these properties (includes all transfer history).

Ownership of a vehicle

Official document about the ownership of a vehicle through its license plate number or chassis.

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